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SOCAN Reproduction Rights:It’s Easy and It Pays Off

What are Reproduction Rights ?
Sometimes called the “mechanical right,” the reproduction right is the right to authorize the reproduction of your musical work on various media, including streaming, downloads, CDs/vinyl records and social media (such as Facebook and YouTube). When your music is reproduced as a copy, royalties are owed to you, and by partnering with SOCAN, we can administer your reproduction rights by issuing licenses and ensuring that you receive the associated royalties you have earned.

**Do you work with a music publisher? If you’ve assigned your reproduction rights to a publisher, SOCAN will take direction from your publisher.

Questions? Contact reproduction@socan.com.

Ria Mae
Ria Mae

Why Choose SOCAN for Reproduction Rights?

Integrated Music Rights Management

In addition to administering performing rights, SOCAN can represent your reproduction rights on virtually every type of audio, audiovisual, digital or physical media in existence. We negotiate licensing agreements on behalf of your clients for the use of their works and ensure they are fairly compensated for their extraordinary talent. SOCAN tools are essential to receiving all the royalties you’ve earned when your music is performed or reproduced around the world.

Reputation and Expertise

SOCAN manages the largest database of musical works in Canada. and processes more than 300-million micro-transactions every day. We continue to focus on licensing for all music uses and their reputation and stability in the marketplace is favourable when negotiating with music users and broadcasters in order to ensure clients and members are receiving all the royalties owed to them.

Global Possibilities

SOCAN has reciprocal agreements with more than 100 music rights organizations (MROs) around the world to ensure that our members receive all the performing and reproduction royalties for the use of their work in other countries.

Select the Terms that Work for You

SOCAN offers flexible solutions. You easily specify which works, which territories and which rights.

Register Your Works One Time with SOCAN

If you have already registered your works with SOCAN, with your sign up we can do the heavy lifting to set up your works for reproduction rights.

Unified Reports and Payments

Managing your reproduction and performance rights through SOCAN dramatically simplifies your reporting and royalty workflows and allows you to use powerful SOCAN tools to monitor, analyze, and be paid for the use of your intellectual property.

We Make It Easy for Publishers to Pay Their Writers.

Subject to the terms of the publishing agreement, SOCAN reproduction rights publisher clients can decide to further instruct SOCAN to pay the writer their share directly, on behalf of the publisher.

We Advocate for Music Creators and Publishers

SOCAN advocates for the legal, fair and ethical use of music for our music creator and publisher members. We lobby the federal government to ensure the most favourable conditions for our members and advocate for fair compensation for the use of their work.

Similarly, SOCAN appears before the Copyright Board of Canada to pursue new tariffs for new uses of our members’ music; to argue for better rates for our members on existing tariffs; to represent the rights of our members in hearings; and to oppose representations by those music user groups or organizations that we believe are not fairly compensating our members.

As well, SOCAN is a member of various international organizations dedicated to the management, protection and promotion of copyrights.

Transparent Communications

We are committed to honest and transparent communication through our Annual Report, Annual General Meeting and direct and ongoing communications with our members, clients, and the music industry. We uphold that commitment and ensure our members and clients receive the information and support they require throughout the year.

Always at the Service of Our Clients

Songwriters, composers, and music publishers have 24/7 access to their secure member portal where clients can update their works and view the details of their catalogue or royalties. SOCAN experts are always available to answer questions concerning your business with SOCAN, and are pleased to keep our clients informed on the latest updates in this constantly changing world.