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Are you a music creator?

To become a SOCAN member, music creators must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a music composer, songwriter, producer or lyricist.
  • Have created a musical work or part of a musical work that has been:
    • Published by a music publisher; or
    • Recorded; or
    • Performed (or will be) in a public forum (i.e. radio, television, film, live performance, satellite radio, ringtone or internet) subject to licensing by SOCAN

Easily fill in the application and return to SOCAN. There is no fee to become a member.

As a rightsholder you can also assign your reproduction rights. We will provide an agreement for your review. Learn more about reproduction rights.

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Are you a music publisher?

To become a SOCAN member, music publishers must have signed contracts showing:

  • You own at least five copyright-protected musical works written or co-written by a writer member of SOCAN or by a Canadian; or
  • You are entitled by contract to receive the publisher’s share of the performance credits of at least five copyright protected musical works that were written or co-written by a writer member of SOCAN or by a Canadian.
Don’t forget if you are a songwriter, composer or publisher rightsholder you
can also, easily and conveniently, have your reproduction rights managed
by SOCAN by signing up for SOCAN for Reproduction Rights.

Learn more about having SOCAN manage your reproduction rights