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Audio-Visual Post-Synchronization (AV Post-Sync) rights are a valuable part of any music creator and music publisher royalty portfolio. These rights occur after synchronization and involve copies of the final audio-visual production that contain the synchronization. This includes server copies made for offline viewing and where on-demand functions like rewind and fast forward are offered.


We are one of the leading rights management collectives in Canada, specialising in AV Post-Sync rights for over 20 years, and we are continuously expanding our repertoire and licensees in this area. 


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    • > Boost your royalties with AV Post-Sync rights.
    • > We collect from various partners across the audio-visual industry, including major video-on-demand platforms and private and public broadcasters.
    • > Choose only these rights without opting out from other third-party agreements.
    • > With decades of experience in rights’ management, including cue sheet acquisition and management, you can trust us to administer your rights effectively.
    • > Receive AV Post-Sync and Performing Rights royalties in the same distribution cycle.
    • > Enjoy a low administration fee of only seven percent (7%).

How it Works

1. You sign up to have SOCAN administer Traditional
and Digital AV Post-Sync rights.

2. We use your data to collect license fees when your audio-visual music is played or reproduced offline or on-demand.

3. You collect royalties from a new revenue stream.

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AV Post-sync is in addition to your sync royalties and existing Performing Rights already managed by SOCAN. It is a Reproduction Right which occurs when an audio-visual product is either broadcast (Commercial TV) or streamed (SVOD). Post-synchronization happens after the sync has occurred and applies to activities such as creating server copies and allowing offline streaming. SOCAN is one of the leading Canadian collectives collecting AV Post-Sync in Canada and abroad. 
Because you might be leaving money on the table! Whether you write music for TV or place your existing songs in TV shows – you should be collecting royalties for your Reproduction Rights in addition to your sync royalties and existing Performing Rights that are already managed by SOCAN.  We were instrumental in having AV Post-Sync rights recognized in Canadian law and, more importantly, to establish a fair and significant value to it. SOCAN Reproduction Rights already has numerous deals in place and our team has more than 20 years of experience distributing audio-visual royalties for Reproduction Rights and a proven system that leverages SOCAN’s acquisition of cue sheets. 
AV Post-Sync is a distinct right that is different from your Performing Rights. Being a member of SOCAN for Performing Rights will not automatically allow us to administer your Reproduction Rights. You must affiliate with SOCAN Reproduction Rights specifically for AV Post-Sync by  signing up with us. To sign up, complete this form.
SOCAN is one of the leading organizations in Canada that collects AV Post-Sync rights. This is a right collected by many foreign societies with whom SOCAN already has agreements with. This does not exist in the US, though. But US rightsowners can join SOCAN to benefit from this revenue stream for Canada’s uses. SOCAN is collecting this right in Canada but also all over the world. If your work goes international and that country collects on such right, we’ve got you covered.
You get paid AV Post-Sync royalties when your music is played or reproduced offline or on-demand. SOCAN distributes Performing Rights royalties and Reproduction Rights royalties four times a year.
No, signing up with SOCAN for AV Post-Sync rights should not impact your current Canadian affiliation, subject to the terms of your affiliation agreement, and producers/music supervisors will not have to pay extra fees. We have direct agreements with major commercial networks, social platforms, and online streaming services who pay us directly for AV Post-Sync. AV Post -Sync is paid for directly by the broadcaster or digital platform who shows the audio-visual program, unlike sync licenses which are paid by producers/music supervisors for permission to sync music to visuals for specific projects. We provide AV Post-Sync royalty streams, in addition to sync revenue streams, to all our clients who have chosen us to manage this right. It’s an opportunity for you to earn more money for your music in film and tv.