Television Broadcast Royalties

SOCAN licenses each TV station in Canada under Tariffs 2A and 17. We analyze all music cue sheets received for programs aired on local commercial stations (including CTV and Global affiliates), cable stations, public stations (such as TV Ontario and Télé-Québec) and the CBC, Radio-Canada, TVA, and TQS networks. These cue sheets provide detailed information on the music used in all television shows. They’re obtained from Canadian and international producers and distributors, international societies, members and, in some cases, the broadcasters themselves.

How SOCAN pays for TV performances:

In order to calculate the payment for each performance, SOCAN divides the money available for distribution by the number of performances logged.  Payment per performance varies from distribution to distribution.  The following variables influence payment each quarter:

  • The television station using your music The amount of license fees collected
  • The number of works/cues identified and paid
  • The time of day of the performance
  • The type of music use – feature, theme or background or logo
  • The duration of each piece of music

A performance on one station may earn considerably more or less than a performance on another station, since payment is based on the amount of licence fees paid by each television station. For example, one performance on the entire CBC network will result in more money than one performance on a local community channel.

What we need from you:

You can help by keeping us informed of any television performances of your music and by ensuring, if possible, that cue sheets are submitted to SOCAN for those programs or films. Please note that the producer of the program or film must sign all cue sheets.