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SOCAN Music Licenses

Music is everywhere—in stores, restaurants, and public spaces. The music you hear is created by artists who have rights under Canada’s Copyright Act. We issue music licenses to ensure the owners of that music are paid for their work through the tariffs and rates approved by the Copyright Board of Canada.


If you run a business or organization that uses music, check this list to learn about the licenses we administer. If you have any questions, please call us, or visit our FAQ.

Background Music Suppliers (16)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – CBC Radio (1C)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – CBC Television (2D)
Commercial Radio (1A)
Commercial Radio Reproduction
Commercial Television (2A)
Internet – Online Music Services (22A)
Commercial Radio and Satellite Radio (22B)
Internet – Other Uses of Music – Game Sites (22G)
Internet – Other Uses of Music – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (22E)
Other Audio Websites (22C)
Internet – Online Audiovisual Content (22D1)
Hotel and Motel In-Room Services (23)
Internet – User-Generated Content (22D2)
Non-Commercial Radio (1B)
Non-Commercial Radio Reproduction
Ontario Educational Communications Authority – Television (2B)
Retransmission of Distant Television Signals
Retransmission of Distant Radio Signals
Stingray Pay audio, and Ancillary Services (26)
Société De Télédiffusion Du Québec – Television (2C)
Transmission of Pay, Specialty and Other Television Services by Distribution Undertakings (17)


Entandem is a joint venture between SOCAN and RE:SOUND and simplifies the music licensing process for Canadian businesses. The organization administers the following music licenses on behalf of SOCAN, in addition to the licenses it administers on behalf of RE:SOUND. Visit for more information.

Adult Entertainment Clubs (3C)
Aircraft (13A)
Classical Music Concerts – Annual Fee for Orchestras (4B2)
Background Music (15A)
Canada’s Wonderland Inc. and Similar Operations (12B)
Circuses, Ice Shows, Fireworks, Displays, Sound Light Shows and Similar Events (11A)
Classical Music Concerts – Annual Licence for Presenting Organizations (4B3)
Classical Music Concerts – Per Concert Licence (4B1)
Comedy Shows and Magic Shows (11B)
Concerts at Exhibitions & Fairs, where a separate admission is charged (5B)
Exhibitions & Fairs (5A)
Physical Exercises and Dance Instruction (19)
Karaoke and Similar Establishments (20)
Live Music (3A)
Marching Bands; Floats with Music, in parks, streets & public areas (10B)
Motion Picture Theatres (6)
Passenger Ships (13B)

Performance of an Individual Work (14)

Popular Music Concerts – Per Event Royalties (4.A.1) and Annual Royalties (4.A.2)
Railroad Trains, Buses, and other Public Conveyances Excluding Aircraft and Passenger Ships (13C)
Receptions, Conventions, Assemblies, Fashion Shows  (8)
Recorded Music Accompanying Live Entertainment (3B)
Recorded Music for Dancing (18)
Recreational Facilities Operated by a Municipality, School, college, University, Agricultural Society, or Similar Community Organizations (21)
Skating Rinks (7)
Sports Events (9)
Strolling musicians & buskers; or recorded music in parks, streets & public areas (10A)
Telephone Music on Hold (15B)
Theme Parks, Ontario Place Corporation and Similar Operations (12A)