Pay-As-You-Press / Independent Label

If you do not have a distributor and are not a member of any association (ADISQ, Music Canada or other) then the pay-as-you-press license may be for you.

This license authorizes you to reproduce works, in whole or in part, from SOCAN reproduction’s repertoire, on a physical or digital product (CD, cassette, vinyl, digital copy) for private use and sale (for example personal website or offstage sales - NOT traditional retail.)

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Obtain A Pay-As-You-Press License

If you have a distributor and are not an ADISQ member complete this licensing form and the terms and conditions and return to

If you have a distributor and are affiliated with ADISQ, complete this licensing form, Appendix 3, Appendix 5, and Appendix 6 and return to

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Regular Rate
$0.096 per work of
5 minutes or less
Minimum Rate
Administration Fee