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Rights Management

SOCAN is the first step to ensure you receive all the royalties owed to you when your music is performed, or your music or artwork are reproduced.

We offer an integrated approach to rights management, providing compelling royalty solutions for the performing and reproduction right of more than 175,000 songwriters, music publishers, composers, and visual artists. Working with more than 100 copyright collectives in 214 countries, SOCAN also tracks, collects, and distributes royalties internationally for the use of our members’ copyrighted music, while connecting millions of creators and publishers worldwide.

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Performing Rights

As the performance rightsholder in a song or composition, when your music is played in public (tv, radio, digital, streaming, background music, live, etc.) whether by you or someone else, you have earned royalties. By joining SOCAN, you’ve got a business partner specifically equipped to collect and distribute the royalties you have rightfully earned when your music is played in public.

Reproduction Rights

Sometimes called the “mechanical right,” the reproduction right is the right to authorize the reproduction of your musical work on various media, including streaming, downloads, CDs, and vinyl records. When your music is reproduced, royalties are owed to you. SOCAN ensures that you receive the royalties you have earned.

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