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Music Creators & Industry Professionals
Do you make music or work with someone who does?
Music users and licensing
Learn how to use music responsibly, ethically and legally

What we do

SOCAN serves and champions more than 185,000 music creators, publishers, advocates for them, and protects their rights. We license the world’s music and collect and distribute royalties in Canada and around the world.

More About SOCAN
Rights Management
SOCAN offers individual, integrated and customizable approaches to administrating performing and reproduction rights.
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A SOCAN music license gives organizations and individuals the freedom and flexibility to use virtually any music they want for their business or at their event.
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SOCAN fights for the legal, fair, and ethical use of music and visual art.
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How it works

Connecting music and business
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  1. 1 Music is Created.
    A song becomes valuable the second it’s created. It takes extraordinary skill, talent, and hard work to write and publish songs.
  2. 2 Music is Valued.
    Music creators and their publishers have rights, and SOCAN works to ensure they are fairly compensated when their music is used.
  3. 3 Music is Used.
    The music licenses that SOCAN issues ensure that music creators and their publishers receive what they have rightfully earned for the use of their work.
  4. 4 Royalties are Paid.
    The money from music licenses is distributed as royalties to SOCAN members and clients – so they can continue to create the music that benefits us all.

More than music.

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