SOCAN Responds to Government Consultation on Copyright in the Age of Generative AI

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

SOCAN responded to the recent open consultation that concluded on January 15, 2024 about the implications of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and copyright issues, held by Canadian Heritage and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

SOCAN is of the view that AI, with appropriate safeguards and an appropriate copyright framework, has the potential to enhance human creativity within the music industry. However, the rapid advancement and widespread adoption of generative AI models present potential risks to music creators if not properly addressed. These risks highlight the need for copyright policies that will foster and reward human creativity, while enabling creators and their representatives to control how their works are used, by whom, and on what terms.

SOCAN also contributed to the Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (CDCE) submission to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions with respect to AI.

SOCAN looks forward to the government’s review of their recommendations. The detailed submissions can be accessed below. These submissions complement the AI principles respecting music creators that SOCAN has urged the government to adopt.

SOCAN AI Submission to Government of Canada

Generative AI: CDCE’s recommendations to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions