SOCAN Principles now available on – SOCAN

SOCAN Principles now available on

Monday, February 5, 2024

In our continuous effort to provide transparency, accessibility and enhance adaptability, SOCAN proposed moving the organizational principles from the by-laws to the SOCAN website at the Special Member Meeting in December 2023. SOCAN’s membership voted on and approved this proposal.

This move aligns with our commitment to better adapt to industry changes and have our principles reflect the nature of our business as it evolves, and to ensure that our guiding principles are easily accessible to not only our members but also our partners, stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

The following principles apply to the organization and the transaction of the affairs of SOCAN:

  1. 1. SOCAN shall protect, preserve and promote the rights of its membership and those of foreign affiliated performing and reproduction right societies whose rights it administers in Canada.
  2. 2. SOCAN shall ensure that it is wholly owned and controlled by its Members who are composers, lyricists, songwriters and publishers.
  3. 3. SOCAN shall ensure that its Board of Directors is composed only of Members.
  4. 4. SOCAN shall seek appropriate tariffs and enforce its rights as provided in the Copyright Act.
  5. 5. SOCAN shall license performing and reproduction rights, collect royalties for those licences and distribute them in a cost-effective manner.
  6. 6. SOCAN shall make fair and equitable distributions of the royalties collected.
  7. 7. SOCAN shall ensure that all of its Members are treated equally.
  8. 8. SOCAN shall ensure that it is open, accessible to its Members and that it will keep its membership informed as to its rules, policies and activities.
  9. 9. SOCAN shall advocate and work to improve copyright laws both in Canada and internationally.