SOCAN Foundation Launches Charitable Fund

Friday, December 15, 2017

Toronto, December 15, 2017 — The SOCAN Foundation announced that it has established the SOCAN Foundation Charitable Fund.

The launch of the Charitable Fund comes as the SOCAN Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary. So far, the SOCAN Foundation has awarded over $25,000,000 to Canadian music initiatives. This represents more than 6,000 grants to individuals and organizations
that have empowered and supported thousands of Canadian composers and songwritersacross the country.

“The SOCAN Foundation Charitable Fund will allow the Foundation to continue to support even more music initiatives,” said Charlie Wall-Andrews, Executive Director of the SOCAN Foundation. “It also presents a unique opportunity for music fans, members of SOCAN, and the general public to get involved and easily support Canadian music, ensuring that the music-creator community continues to thrive and build on its extraordinary talent.”

While the SOCAN Foundation regularly awards and funds individual music creators, and music organizations, proceeds from the Charitable Fund will be awarded only to eligible charitable initiatives that foster Canadian music, such as: music festivals, songwriting camps, awards and scholarship programs.

All proceeds from the SOCAN Foundation Charitable Fund will be administered by the Chimp Foundation while being governed by the SOCAN Foundation Board of Directors. All proceeds will be donated directly to the Foundation’s grants and awards programming.

Donations can be made to the SOCAN Foundation Charitable Fund online:

To learn more about the SOCAN Foundation’s positive impact on the music community, visit: 

About SOCAN Foundation
Founded in 1992, SOCAN Foundation is dedicated to fostering musical creativity and promoting a better understanding of the role of music creators in today’s society. SOCAN Foundation is an independent organization guided by its own board of directors. The board, which consists of composers, songwriters and music publishers, reflects concert music and popular music genres as well as the geographic and linguistic regions of Canada. It is closely aligned to the interests of SOCAN—the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

Media contacts:
SOCAN Foundation: Charlie Wall-Andrews (English) Executive Director, 1-800-442-3836 #3855,
SOCAN Foundation: Julien Boumard Coallier (French), Programs Administrator, (514) 844-8377 #4525,