Janice Staub Joins SOCAN Board of Directors

Monday, October 16, 2017

Toronto, October 16, 2017 – Janice Staub of Vancouver has been elected to the Board of Directors of SOCAN, after board member Craig Horton stepped aside in order to pursue his own publishing and consulting business, which includes working with SOCAN on various initiatives. In accordance with the SOCAN by-laws, Staub was appointed to the board because she received the next-highest number of votes to Horton, as the Western Canada publishing representative in the last board election, held in 2015.

Staub has an extensive background in the music industry, having worked in the early part of her career in Los Angeles for a major record company, moving eventually to a film and TV production business, and later to a cartoon production firm. She eventually moved to Canada and shifted her focus to financial planning and money management, with a goal of helping entertainers grow and retain their wealth. Today, as President of Yaletown Financial Management, she heads a team of experienced professionals who assist clients in all aspects of business management, money management, tax planning and financial planning.

“We are thrilled to have Janice Staub join SOCAN’s Board of Directors,” said SOCAN Board President Stan Meissner. “Her varied background in the music industry and her focus on finance as well as music publishing will surely offer our board a unique perspective. We look forward to working together with her.”

Staub is one of the three principals of Hyvetown Music, an artist-friendly, boutique music publishing company, which she co-founded with Pierre Tremblay, President of Hive Management, and Randy Staub, President of Randell Music. Hyvetown strives to make the publishing experience more transparent, allow artists to retain control over their catalogues, and help writers get paid more quickly, with less overall cost.

The 18 members of SOCAN’s Board of Directors will see their current three-year terms end in June 2018, with nominations and elections starting in the New Year.

SOCAN connects more than four-million music creators worldwide and more than a quarter-million businesses and individuals in Canada. Nearly 150,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers are its direct members, and more than 130,000 organizations are Licensed To Play music across Canada. With a concerted use of progressive technology and a commitment to lead the global transformation of music rights, with wholly-owned companies Audiam and MediaNet, SOCAN is dedicated to upholding the fundamental truths that music has value and music creators and publishers deserve fair compensation for their work.