Canadians Agree: Online Streaming Companies Should Promote Music Made in Canada

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Toronto, February 3, 2022 –More than two-thirds (68%) of Canadians agree that it is important for foreign internet and social media companies to contribute to/promote Canadian music, TV shows, and movies, and nearly a quarter (23%) “strongly agree” with this sentiment, according to a Leger survey of Canadians across the country.

When asked to respond to the statement “I think it is important that foreign internet and social media companies contribute to and promote Canadian music, TV shows and movies,” only about one-in-ten (13%) disagreed, and 19% said they didn’t know.

Across Canada, there was consensus that the concept is important, and residents of Quebec led all provinces, with a full 28% responding that they “strongly agree” with the statement.

Perhaps surprisingly, younger Canadians expressed the strongest collective agreement that online streaming companies should support made-in-Canada music, with some 72% of respondents saying they strongly agree or agree.

“It’s clear that Canadians agree overall that streaming services should be contributing to the creation and promotion of Canadian music,” said SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown. “Canadian creators need support to continue to develop Canadian music in the world of streaming, and Canada must be a place for emerging music creators, where songwriters and composers can create, grow and thrive.”

Streaming services have been in Canada for almost a decade without equitable support for music creators. Right now, for every dollar in music licenses from Canadian TV and radio broadcasters, around 34 cents are distributed to Canadian songwriters and composers, but for every license dollar from online streaming services, only 10 cents remain in Canada.

According to SOCAN data, the situation is even more bleak for francophone SOCAN songwriter and composer members. On traditional media, they are receiving an average of 7% of all traditional royalties collected, while on digital media, they are receiving an average of 1.8% of digital royalties collected, a stark decrease of 76%.

The tabling of the Online Streaming Act on February 2, 2022, is an important first step to make it easier for Canadian audiences to find and engage with Canadian creators, giving our music a place in the world of streaming.

The full Leger research results can be found here.

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