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Authorized Representatives

What is an Authorized Representative?

An Authorized Representative is a person who can do business with SOCAN on behalf of a member. Although many SOCAN members conduct their business with SOCAN directly, there are other members who employ others to work on their behalf: accountants, managers, lawyers, publishers etc. These third parties must be given documented permission by the member to contact SOCAN and receive personal/confidential information. It is important for SOCAN to make note of these permissions so that this confidential information is not released to unauthorized parties.

What kind of information can an Authorized Representative have access to?

SOCAN members control what level of access their authorized representative(s) has within their account. When you add an authorized representative to your account you will have the opportunity to select specific access permissions which can be modified at any time.

Examples of access include:

  • Change of address or profile information
  • Authorized signatory
  • Requests for advances
  • Copies of SOCAN agreements
  • Work registrations/modifications
  • Requests for earnings information
  • Online access to account, including statements/catalogue information

How can I add an Authorized Representative to my account?

You can add an authorized representative by going to your SOCAN member portal. Provide their personal information, identify permissions and provide via upload, the necessary backup documentation supporting the authorization.  Without a complete authorized representative application from the member, SOCAN will not accept direction from anyone other than the member him/herself.