Audiovisual Cue Sheet

In order to pay royalties to copyright owners when their music is performed in audiovisual productions like television programs or films, SOCAN must receive an audiovisual cue sheet listing all the music used in each production. Please take a moment to read our FAQ’s and find out what information should be included in a cue sheet, how SOCAN uses the cue sheet to pay you, who is responsible for submitting cue sheets to SOCAN, and more:  SOCAN Audiovisual Cue Sheet FAQs

Do you need to complete a SOCAN Audiovisual Cue Sheet?
SOCAN Audiovisual Cue Sheet

Here are instructions on how to complete a Cue Sheet
How To Complete a SOCAN Cue Sheet

The following is a sample cue sheet that you may find helpful.
Sample Cue Sheet

Please send completed cue sheets to SOCAN will also accept hard copy cue sheets by mail or fax.

For any additional questions, email our Info Centre at or call 1-866-307-6226.