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International Royalties

SOCAN Around the World

SOCAN has agreements with other music rights organizations around the world to ensure that our members receive performing and reproduction royalties for the use of their work in other countries.

When your music is played or reproduced abroad, you’re covered with SOCAN!



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How It Works

Global Agreements Established
SOCAN has reciprocal agreements with more than 100 affiliated music rights organizations around the globe that are busy licensing performances and reproductions of your works in their territories.
International License Fees Collected
Foreign societies collect licenses in their territories, match the music with rights holders, and send money to identified SOCAN members who have earned royalties. It is important to remember that licenses collected by an international society are subject to the distribution rules in its territory; not all societies pay on the same types of uses or on the same schedule as SOCAN.
Royalties Paid to Members
SOCAN receives this money, processes it and delivers it as royalties to our members. Unlike most societies, SOCAN does not charge an administrative fee on incoming international money. You receive 100% of what we receive.
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So, I don’t need to join any other music rights organization to receive performance and reproduction royalties from other countries?

Nope! SOCAN’s reciprocal agreements cover you worldwide. By signing up with SOCAN, you become part of a global network of music rights organizations that ensures music creators and publishers receive royalties for the use of their music globally. It would be extremely difficult and time-consuming for you to license your works globally on your own.

What is a reciprocal agreement?

A reciprocal agreement is a two-way agreement. SOCAN has reciprocal agreements with more than 100 music rights organizations, representing more than 210 countries around the world. These agreements allow foreign societies to administer your repertoire in their territories and subsequently send all royalties earned by you to SOCAN. SOCAN then pays the monies directly to you. In return, we do the same for these rights organizations' members whose music was used in Canada.