SOCAN Elevates Talent from Within to Drive Growth and Member-Centric Vision

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Cameron Kennedy

Appointed to Vice President, Creative & Member Relations

James Leacock becomes Director, Member Operations, Kathryn Hamilton expands role to Director, Creative & Education

Toronto – April 23, 2024 – SOCAN announced today that it has promoted Cameron Kennedy to Vice President, Creative & Member Relations. This strategic move aims to uphold the organization’s member-centric vision, aiding growth and enhancing services to its members. Building on this vision, SOCAN also announced the addition of James Leacock, Director, Member Operations to its Membership team, and the promotion of Kathryn Hamilton, whose role expands to Director, Creative & Education.

“These strategic changes mark a new chapter in how we’re putting our members first in everything we do, ensuring they feel supported at every stage of their career,” said Jean-Christian Céré, Chief Membership Officer. “Not only will they elevate our members’ experience, but they’ll also help to drive membership growth and expand our member offerings while providing more opportunities for connection and feedback.”

With close to 15 years in artist and talent relations in the music industry, Kennedy’s newly created strategic role will guide SOCAN’s holistic approach to its member experience strategy. This includes a continued focus on external support for its music creator community and helping all member segments within it — including the establishment of new member initiatives.

Kennedy has successfully led SOCAN’s Creative team since 2022, enhancing membership offerings and leveraging his expertise to develop campaigns, events, and partnerships that amplify the work of Canadian music creators. Prior to SOCAN, Kennedy worked with world-renowned artists and not-for-profits to increase the impact of charitable events, campaigns, and fundraising initiatives. He has served with the City of Toronto on multiple cross-divisional policy and regulatory initiatives, as well as live music programs to create more music-friendly conditions in support of the Toronto Music Strategy.

Leacock joins the Membership team from SOCAN’s Licensing and Royalty Collections divisions, where he served for more than two decades, driving operational excellence, with a focus on service to music users in the digital landscape. As Director, Membership Operations, he will leverage these skills to usher in a new era of frontline service for SOCAN members, including enhanced contact management processes and service level strategies to help meet their evolving needs.

As SOCAN continues to cultivate mutually beneficial programs for its members, and within the music industry, Hamilton steps into the expanded role of Director, Creative & Education, where she will now oversee the organization’s Creative Executive team, and the execution of the organization’s member relations strategy and education initiatives, including membership events, member benefits, and the organization’s partnership strategy.


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