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Rights Management

SOCAN administers and protects the performing and reproduction rights of more than 150,000 songwriters, music publishers, composers, and visual artists. We offer an integrated approach to rights management and compelling solutions for our rights holders’ reproduction and performing rights. Through reciprocal agreements with more than 100 copyright collectives in 214 countries, we collect and distribute royalties internationally for the use of copyrighted works, connecting millions of creators worldwide.

Performing Rights

The performing right is the right to perform a song or composition in public – such as in a live concert, background music, a radio or TV broadcast, a streaming playlist at a bar, or any other type of public performance. The performing right gives copyright owners of songs the sole right to perform, or authorize the performance in public, of their songs. SOCAN administers these performing rights on behalf of its members by collecting and distributing royalties when songs are publicly performed.

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Reproduction Rights


The reproduction right gives rights holders’ of a song the sole right to authorize the reproduction of their work on various media, including CDs, records, and digital media. SOCAN administers these reproduction rights on behalf of the rights holders we represent by issuing licenses for the reproduction to such organizations as music labels and digital service providers.

Visual Arts and Crafts

The reproduction right gives rights holders' of an artistic work the sole right to authorize the reproduction of their work on various mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, architectural works, engraving, photographs. SOCAN administers these reproduction rights on behalf of the rights' holder by issuing licenses for the reproduction of their members' works.

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Co-publishing Agreement: A type of publishing agreement whereby two or more publishers will share in the ownership of a copyright for a specific work or body of works Typically, one publisher will have full administration rights. This type of publishing agreement often applies in cases where the composer is a recording artist or producer.


SOCAN members BadBadNotGood have expanded from an initial base of jazz and hip-hop to a unique, eclectic, critically acclaimed blend that incudes soul, electronic, R&B, and more. BBNG have collaborated with hip-hop heavyweights like Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Ghostface Killah, with whom they recorded their JUNO-nominated 2015 album Sour Soul. On their 2016 recording IV, chosen as BBC Radio 6 Music's No. 1 album of the year, collaborators included sax player Colin Stetson, Polaris Prize 2016 winner Kaytranada, and fast-rising singer-songwriter Charlotte Day Wilson. Among their many accomplishments, BBNG was the band-in-residence at the 2012 Coachella Festival, and backed Frank Ocean on both weekends.