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About Entandem Licensing

In 2019, SOCAN launched a licensing joint venture with RE:SOUND to simplify the music licensing process. Now, businesses across Canada can play music legally and ethically, ensuring music creators are compensated. Entandem conducts extensive outreach to fitness facilities, nightclubs, live music venues, bars, fitness facilities, restaurants, retail establishments, and hotels, among other businesses, to let them know about their legal obligations to obtain a music license(s) in order to use recorded music and live music in their business.

Entandem administers general licensing on behalf of SOCAN and RE:SOUND, who then distribute the money from licenses to the respective rights holders. Entandem doesn’t administer the SOCAN licensing for music uses on the internet, TV, or radio.

To obtain a music license from Entandem, please call 1.866.944.6223, or visit