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If songs are the fuel of the music industry, then publishers are the vehicles these musical works travel through. As you, our SOCAN-affiliated publishers, work to achieve performances of the songs and compositions in your catalogues, we obtain information on those plays throughout the world. When they’re played, by various businesses around the world, SOCAN receives information related to the performances and collects the money that’s owed to you. We also advocate and lobby government so that the copyrighted works in your repertoire are protected by tariffs and more favourable laws. All of this is to make sure that you’re fairly compensated for the use of your music. At SOCAN, we strengthen your business by supporting your songwriters and composers because when we foster their creativity and development, it creates better results for everyone. When it comes to getting paid for performances, it’s SOCAN’s business to take care of you and your songwriters.


Do I pay GST / HST on my royalties?


SOCAN members do not pay GST/HST on their SOCAN royalties.

SOCAN collects the GST/HST from the music users (licensees) and remits it directly to the government. Therefore, no GST/HST is either paid with or deducted from your quarterly royalties. SOCAN is registered under the Artist Representative (GST/HST) Regulations of the Excise Tax Act, which means it is in charge of collecting and remitting GST/HST to the government on behalf of our members.

If you are questioned by Revenue Canada personnel, you should remind the representative of subsection 177(2) and the “Artists’ Representative (GST) Regulations” (SOR/91-25) of the Excise Tax Act.
If you have any other tax related questions, we recommend that you consult an accountant.

Michel Corriveau

Michel Corriveau

Winner of the first-ever Screen Composer of the Year Award at the 2017 SOCAN Gala in Montréal, SOCAN member Michel Corriveau is an impressively artistic music creator. Corriveau creates sonic atmospheres using both sounds and instruments, juggling emotions, and combining tradition and high tech. Dozens of Québec productions have been graced with his compositions, including Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2007), Ésimésac (2013), Les Pays d’en haut (SRC), Mensonges (TVA) and Prémonitions (AddikTV), as well as the series from France, Versailles (Canal+). He’s also composed music for the feature film Anna, which was saluted at the Gala Québec Cinéma, the Prix Écrans canadiens, and rewarded at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.