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When your songs are played, by various businesses, around the world – whether live in concert (by you or anyone else), on the radio, online, on TV, in movies, in bars, restaurants, cafés, night clubs, etc. – SOCAN collects the money that’s owed for those performances and distributes it to you as royalties. Part of SOCAN’s mission is to educate, advise and mentor emerging songwriters like you about the craft and business of music. We also tell the stories, and celebrate the successes, of emerging songwriters like you in our various SOCAN media platforms. When it comes to getting paid for performances of your songs, it’s our business to take care of you. We’ve got your back.


I’ve been contacted by a third-party administrator suggesting I need to enlist their services to collect missed or unclaimed performing or reproduction rights royalties owed to me from around the world. What do I do?


Make sure you are informed. If you are a SOCAN member or client and have registered your works with SOCAN we will collect ALL performing and/or reproduction rights royalties owed to you. We do this on your behalf through our reciprocal agreements with other Music Rights Organizations around the world. It is important to keep your catalogue up to date with any new work registrations and/or notify SOCAN of any new publishing agreements. Be sure to notify SOCAN of international uses of your works, and it’s always a good idea to review your statements. Call or email us if you have any questions, and we’ll be sure to investigate, on your behalf, any unclaimed royalties that may be owed to you.

Jeff Toyne

Jeff Toyne

In 2017, Jeff Toyne, one of SOCAN‘s #ComposersWhoScore, was scoring DirecTV’s third season of Rogue. Toyne’s feature film credits include Damaged (2014), Abel’s Field (2013), Twist of Faith (2013), and The Privileged (2013). In television, Toyne has scored several features for the Lifetime channel, including Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story (2011), winner of a Canadian Screen Award for Best TV Movie, and the MPSE Golden Reel Award. Toyne has also scored The Devil You Know (Investigation Discovery, 2010-2013). He was named one of Playback magazine’s Ten to Watch in 2011, has been commissioned by the Canadian Armed Forces, and is an alumnus of the Sundance Composers Lab.