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Event Producers

As a concert promoter, booker or event producer arranging for live music to be played in whatever venue you may rent or own to house your event, you need to obtain the necessary license from SOCAN to be able to play that music legally and ethically. Anything from an outdoor music festival, to a club or bar performance requires a SOCAN license to ensure that those who wrote and published the music are compensated for their work. As the promoter, booker or producer of a live music event, becoming Licensed To Play with SOCAN ensures that you’re doing the right thing and getting music creators paid when their music is performed at your event.


I had a performance on a census station, but I didn’t get paid for it. What happened?


A song must be registered with both SOCAN and BDS in order to be paid in the current distribution. A song identified in the performance data provided by BDS that has not been registered with SOCAN will be categorized as “unidentified” until it is identified, at which time payment will be processed. Although BDS has a very high rate of song identification (96 percent), there are cases where a song is not initially identified in the performance data. BDS then reviews approximately two weeks’ worth of radio tapes, and checks back with various stations, in an effort to identify as many additional works as possible.

Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin is a pop, electro and jazz singer-songwriter from Montréal. A former teen model, she was a top four finalist on the first season of La Voix (the Québec franchised of The Voice TV show), where she sang for more than two million viewers every week. In 2016 she released her solo debut EP, Big Boy, which featured songs in both English and French. She was a short-listed as a SOCAN Songwriting Prize finalist on the French side for her song “Les échardes,” and the title track charted on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20. One of Spotify Canada’s “Artists to Watch in 2016,” she also won the Breakthrough Artist Award at the SOCAN Montréal Gala in 2017. This SOCAN member clearly has the talent, the voice, the charm and the bona fide potential for a huge international career.