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Who SOCAN Works With

Music Talent

Songwriters, producers, publishers, composers and new talent all combine to be the driving force behind the music industry. If you’ve participated in creating a song, an album or any musical piece that’s been recorded, performed or published, join SOCAN to receive the money that you’ve earned.


Business & Music Users

Studies have shown, time and again, that Canadians enjoy their dining and shopping experiences much more with music. If you’re a bar, restaurant, retailer, or other type of business operating in Canada, join the more than 100,000 other Canadian businesses using music to improve their business – by joining SOCAN.


Fans & Supporters

At SOCAN, we work to ensure that all of our nation's songwriters and composers are fairly compensated, and receive the money that they’ve rightfully earned when their music is played. By identifying, collecting and distributing royalties, SOCAN helps music creators and publishers to continue to make, nurture and promote the music we love.