SOCAN Visual Arts & Crafts Services

SOCAN Visual Arts & Crafts services authorize the use of your artistic works by negotiating and issuing licenses in return for royalties which are then distributed to you.

The management of the copyright requires an agreement with third-party users by contract (“Licenses”) to the conditions and fees applicable for the use of your works, for the following rights:

  • Public exhibition of works for purposes other than sale or rental;
  • Reproduction of works, in any form and on any medium, analog or digital;
  • Public communication of works, for example via a website, social media, on television, in films, video clips, etc.

Third-Party users must return signed contracts with their payment.

SOCAN clients are exclusively represented for the management of their copyright for all of their works. This includes works existing at the time they grant SOCAN representation rights, and those they create for the duration of their relationship with SOCAN. You do not have to send us a list of your works when you become a client. We will document them in our database as we grant authorizations on your behalf.

Once a client, we ask you to send us any licensing requests received from third parties. Exceptions include situations specified in the contract which are excluded from SOCAN management, or where you previously signed contracts and granted authorizations to other parties.

For certain uses, we will consult you before granting an authorization. For example, for book covers, derivative or advertising uses. In these cases, we require the third party, requesting the license, to provide us with layouts showing how the works will be reproduced or used. We will forward these details to you for review and approval.

The SOCAN schedule of fees is used to determine license fees in Canada covering the different types of uses. For example, for the public exhibition of your works, for their reproduction in books & magazines, or for their public communication via websites, in film or TV, etc.

In addition to being representing across Canada, as a SOCAN client, you are represented in more than 35 countries around the world through reciprocal agreements between SOCAN and its network of sister societies.

SOCAN retains a 20% commission on the fees collected for the licenses to use your works. The commission rate for reprography is 15%, and 5% for royalties received from abroad, when your works are licensed elsewhere in the world. Please note that SOCAN is a non-profit organization and the commission enables us to provide these valuable services to our clients.

The royalties that we collect on your behalf are distributed to you on 4 dates in the year: March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15.

And becoming a SOCAN client is free!