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SOCAN Reproduction Rights Services

Welcome to SOCAN’s Reproduction Rights Services

Integrated management of music rights is now a reality

Are you a rights holder?

We provide compelling solutions for our rights holders’ reproduction rights and offer low commissions, a la carte options, and the ability to collect internationally, if required, in addition to many other benefits. If you are a publisher or self-published writer, you need to register your songs only once with SOCAN to be paid for your performing rights and reproduction rights on digital and broadcast mechanical at the same time.

To have SOCAN represent your reproduction rights, sign up here. If you have already assigned your reproduction rights to a publisher, SOCAN will take direction from your publisher.

Need a reproduction rights license?

If you are reproducing works for physical products or for online distribution in Canada, you need to obtain a reproduction rights license.
Choose from the following list to find the right license for your needs: