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Not only has the Internet transformed the way music is distributed and consumed, but - as the European music industy now faces - how it is licensed. Chistian Sarrazin, SOCAN's Vice President - Industry Relations and Strategic Intelligence, examines Europe's struggle with the licensing of music for online and mobile usage on a pan-European basis, and why North American songwriters and publishers should be concerned.

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Christian Sarrazin

Christian Sarrazin, Vice President - Industry Relations and Strategic Intelligence of SOCAN, focuses on the epoch-changing state of the music industry with the advent of Internet and the spreading of mobile telecommunications. He monitors business and technology trends, assesses their implications, and spearheads SOCAN’s thrust in making the right decisions to mitigate threats and risks, and capitalize on opportunities. He is also assuming executive-level representation for SOCAN on various international organizations such as CISAC and FastTrack.

Sarrazin has some 30 years of experience as a diplomat and a senior business executive. Trained as an economist, he is a graduate of McGill University (B.A. Honours) in Canada, and Université catholique de Louvain (M.A.) in Belgium.

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