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"Get in the Van!" is a question-and-answer webcast featuring Neville Quinlan of Peer Music and Paul Gourlie of the Agency Group. It covers valuable information on a number of industry-related topics surrounding touring, such as budgeting, planning, safety, delegating responsibilities, etc., and offers personal anecdotes and advice from seasoned veterans Neville and Paul.

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Neville Quinlan

Neville Quinlan is the General Manager of Peermusic Canada Inc. Neville has the pleasure of working with many artists, including The Tragically Hip, Tom Waits, Matthew Barber, The Stampeders, and ZZ Top among many others; as well as many songwriters, including David Foster, Greg Johnston, Robbie Patterson, and Shelly Peiken. He has travelled around the world to attend many conferences and festivals, and has spoken on many panels as a music publisher, and (in a previous incarnation) as a booking agent.

Paul Gourlie

Paul Gourlie graduated from the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in 1998. Since then he has started his own small agency, worked for The Key Entertainment Group, Courage Artists and Touring and has been an agent at The Agency Group for the past seven years. He currently has a roster of 40 national and international clients that cross all music genres including (but not limited to) metal, reggae, folk and hip-hop.

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