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Treasa Levasseur

Singer-songwriter, accordionist, keyboardist

Song – "Good Ones Never Share" - Now playing...

Everything about Treasa Levasseur, and the songs she writes, is as true as a carpenter’s rule. There are plenty of singers who plumb the depths of personal experience, but few have Levasseur's sense of humour, or her sharp eye for detail. The passion and fire of her first album, Not a Straight Line, has been applied to even better songs on her second and latest recording, Low Fidelity. The sophomore album is a collection of personal songs and stories, but it's never mawkish or sentimental.

Levasseur plays piano, accordion, guitar and mandolin. In May 2008, she won CBC Radio’s "Ultimate Sideman Showdown" with her trusty accordion and charming stage presence. Heavily influenced by such soulful artists as Mavis Staples, Carole King and Annie Lennox, she remains musically versatile and has played everything from heavy metal to hip-hop, country, sugary pop, and thoughtful folk music. Since first visiting the South in 2006, she's begun to draw more of her inspiration from classic old-school soul.

Above all, Levasseur has a passion for making music. She simply wants to play — and, in addition to her own career, she makes the time to play with at least three other bands regularly in her longtime hometown of Toronto. In the summer of 2008, she played festivals across the country almost every single weekend as a member of Claire Jenkins’ band. You
can find her most Thursdays playing with singer songwriter Corin Raymond at the Cameron House. And she’ll pop up at tiny bars in the city's Parkdale neighbourhood, singing backup or squeezing the accordion for whoever’s onstage.

She’s also been a welcome player at recording sessions for more than a dozen other distinctive musicians, including Raymond, The Undesirables, Evalyn Parry, Justin Rutledge, Madison Violet, David Baxter and many others.

Performances/news this month
July 14 - St. John's, NL, Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues festival
July 16-18 - Perth, ON, Stewart Park Festival
July 30 - North Bay, ON, The Boat
July 31 - Westport, ON, Private Party
August 6 - Brampton, ON, The Rose Theatre


Low Fidelity (2008)
Not a Straight Line (2006)

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