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The Pack A.D.

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Becky Black, songwriter-drummer Maya Miller

Song – "Big Anvil" - Now playing...

In 2008, the world discovered The Pack A.D., an unassuming Vancouver duo who re-introduced listeners to a blistering assault of scuffed, scarred bluesy riffs, pounding drums and unholy howls – minimal rock 'n' roll as it was meant to be played. Drummer Maya Miller and guitarist/vocalist Becky Black may have cut their teeth on the mean streets of East Vancouver, but their superb recordings Tintype and Funeral Mixtape (both released in 2008) made it clear that these were no city-girl dilettantes: both of 'em had something wild and wonderful running through their veins.


In 2010, the Pack A.D. unleashed We Kill Computers, a ragged, thundering wallop of an album that makes their earlier releases sound tame by comparison. Unshackled from the swampy weight of the blues, Becky and Maya attack their tunes with the gleeful viciousness of coyotes descending on a carcass. Once again, they teamed up with the supremely talented Jesse Gander (Japandroids, Bison B.C.), and the two women worked diligently to capture the sweaty intensity of their live act – in 2009, they played a staggering 157 shows – in the studio. They recorded razor-edged garage-rock straight off the floor to analog tape. From the saw-toothed snarl of guitars that lead into album opener "Deer" to the heavy Black Sabbath-worthy riffs of "1880," the album's 13 tracks bristle with a newfound sense of crispness and precision. We Kill Computers is as raw and urgent as a Pack A.D. live performance.

Performances/news this month
June 15 - Hamilton, The Casbah
June 16 - Montreal, Il Motore
June 17 - Toronto, NXNE Festival, Dakota Tavern
June 19 - Berkley, Michigan, Berkley Front
June 20 - Saugatuck, Michigan, The Red Dock Cafe
June 25 - Whitehorse, Yukon, Sunstroke Festival, Triple J's Music Cafe
June 27 - Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom
June 30 - Calgary, Sled Island Festival, Ship and Anchor Pub
July 1 - Calgary, Sled Island Festival, Broken City


We Kill Computers (2010)
Funeral Mixtape (2008)
Tintype (2008)

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