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The D Project

Stéphane Desbiens and Francis Foy, Songwriters of the group The D Project

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Have you heard of The D Project yet? It’s a music project from Quebec City that recently released its third album in five years, boasting a stellar lineup from the major leagues of British, Sweedish, Polish and American progressive music, including Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel), Thomas Bodin (The Flower Kings) and Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), to name only a few. A critical success in the specialty progressive rock press around the world, The D Project is viewed as a leader of the Quebec scene of the genre.

Formed in 2006 by the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stéphane Desbiens and the lyricist and producer Francis Foy, The D Project’s debut album, Shimmering Lights, was evocative of music styles ranging from Pink Floyd to Genesis through King Crimson.

The band’s 2008 release, Sagarmatha Dilemma, was inspired by images taken during the conquest of Mount Everest by the mountain climber Maxime Jean, and was used as a soundtrack for the Everest documentary. The collaboration brought Desbiens and his fellow musicians Mathieu Gossellin (basse) and Jean Gossellin (drums) to perform in Quebec City’s Salle Albert-Rousseau, as well as in Europe, in 2009.

The D Project’s third release, Big Face (2011), includes nine tracks enriched by exceptional musical contributions by the likes of Tony Levin, Bartek Kossowicz, Lalle Larsson and Claire Vezina, with part of the album being helmed by Pink Floyd producer Andy Jackson. Once again, Stéphane Desbiens’ sometimes subtle, sometimes screeching guitar work shines through in a no-holes-barred progressive symphonic rock experience. With contributions by Francis Foy as lyricist and producer, Big Face is looking back to the band’s initial influences of “Pink Floyd meets classic rock.”


Big Face (2011)
Sagarmatha Dilemma (2008)
Shimmering Lights (2006)

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Stéphane Desbiens, member since 1992
Francis Foy, member since 2004