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Simon Bousquet


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Quebec’s Quiet Revolution, which culminated in 1970 with the October Crisis, triggered an identity crisis that still endures in that province. As a young man, Simon Bousquet could not escape this fact. Immersed in American culture like most teenagers of his generation, he started singing at the age of 17 – in English.

Born in the predominantly French-speaking East end of Montreal, Bousquet got his rock 'n' roll education in such Anglophone bands as The Shift (1994-1999) and Leap (2001-2008). In 2003, an important year from that period of Bousquet’s life, Leap was the only band representing Canada at Emergenza, the European and North American music festival being held in Paris, France, that year. Leap’s Brit-rock was a highlight of the festival, with “singer-songwriter Simon Bousquet’s powerful and melodious voice” being praised by the audience and critics alike.

The year 2008 marked a new beginning for Bousquet, when he embarked on a solo career as a Francophone singer. He hooked up with British-born producer Neil O’Connor (Too Many Cooks, Nico Lelièvre, Dédé Tracké, Papillon) of Productions i2i in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montreal, and asked him to produce his new Francophone material. This “reasonable accommodation” produced the 2010 Antigravité album, an invitation to the playgrounds of this Montreal artist’s life.

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July 25 - Vieux Terrebonne, Quebec, Benefit show for a childrens' aid centre



Antigravité (2010)

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