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Ruth Minnikin

Alternative, orchestral-pop singer-songwriter

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Ruth Minnikin sounds like a young girl and an old woman at the same time. She writes storytelling, baroque-folk songs. She's participated in the international music scene for 10 years, has been featured as a guest singer/musician on more than 55 albums (including those by Joel Plaskett, Old Man Luedecke and The Russian Futurists), and has released four solo CDs. Minnikin is a touring machine that produces handmade CDs and visual art.

Twenty-seven months, two weeks, five days and 11 hours after its noble beginnings, Ruth Minnikin and her Bandwagon released their orchestral opus, Depend on This, on December 16, 2009, in Halifax (January 26, 2010, throughout Canada, anticipated for May 2010 across the United Kingdom and in Scandinavia).

During its creation, Minnikin tirelessly cultivated her creativity over months of mournful mornings, aloof afternoons and nestled, late-night writing sessions. Depend on This takes its walk on the red carpet of artistic endurance, and tested every ounce of Minnikin's body and brain.

With the vision of a tiny symphony swaying in her mind's eye, Minnikin mentally battled and yearned for the momentum to finish the piece. She describes the completed album as "a conceptually dramatized exaggeration of an avant-garde jalapeno pepper on a life raft." The album unites 17 musicians, 23 instruments, a men's vocal choir, three pop producers, one sound artist, and a handful of visual artists.

On her acclaimed 2006 release Folk Art, Minnikin stuck to the essentials. Contained in a hand-sewn, ink-stamped canvas case, the album's packaging reflected the music within. Rootsy, bare and without pretension, Folk Art offered 11 tracks from an artist with her focus set on the songs and the live-recording process. In response to Folk Art, Minnikiin received nominations for Best Female Album and Best Folk Album at the 2007 Nova Scotia Music Awards.

Minnikin's varied and accomplished musical history has surely helped hone her concentration. Her first band, Booming Airplanes, was signed to EMI during the Halifax pop explosion of the 1990s. Her chamber-pop side project, The Heavy Blinkers, developed a cult following all over the world. And at the turn of the millennium, Minnikin made two albums and toured the U.K. and the U.S. with alt-country quintet The Guthries (the band which also spawned Matt Mays).

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April 8 - Halifax, The Company House, w Catriona Sturton


Depend on This (2010)
Folk Art (2006)
Marooned and Blue (2004)
Live (EP, 2003)

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