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Rozalind MacPhail

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, film composer

Song – "Where There is Love" - Now playing...

Rozalind MacPhail, a.k.a. Mystery Flute Girl, has become one of Canada’s most unique and captivating multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters. She effortlessly loops guitar, flute, voice and toy instruments into her own blend of songs and soundscapes about the people and places she has connected with.

This Toronto Island flower-child sang and danced throughout her childhood for anyone who would listen. The flute came into Rozalind’s life at the age of thirteen, after her grandmother read an article about how playing the flute helped asthmatics learn how to control their breathing better. In fact, it did.

MacPhail pursued a performance degree for flute at the University of Toronto, studying with Douglas Stewart. She then moved to Ottawa to pursue a Masters Degree in Flute Performance with Robert Cram. As Mystery Flute Girl, she has made spontaneous guest appearances with celebrated indie music artists including Yo La Tengo, Great Lake Swimmers, Constantines, Lou Barlow and many others. With a yen for traveling, she has acquired fans from the most surprising places in Canada and abroad, having become both a long-term resident at the Banff Centre and an Artist-In-Residence at The Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, studying with Robert Dick (NYU).

In 2009, MacPhail was invited to the prestigious Dawson City International Short Film Festival where she was an Artist-in-Residence, composing and performing original works in cooperation with Victoria filmmaker Scott Amos. Flexible and intuitive, she collaborates with experimental filmmakers and artists of all sorts.

In 2011, now based in Newfoundland, MacPhail invited emerging and established filmmakers to create 13 short experimental films about St. John's in which she composed and recorded the music. This Painted Houses project, launched in April, earned rave reviews, both at its debut screening in St. John's, and at The Dawson City Short Film Festival.

MacPhail is currently recording a new album.

Performances/news this month
June 2 - St. John's, NL The Bull and Barrell


Painted Houses (films, 2011)
Edgework (2007)
Seattle Sessions (2006)
Gas Station Sessions (w. Lindsay Ferguson, 2005)
Good Kissing School (as a member of Lighthousekeepers, 2003)
Thursday Heroes (Compilation, Various Artists, 2003)

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