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Ridley Bent

Country singer-songwriter

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Ridley Bent is a country singer-songwriter who was born in Halifax, raised throughout Canada in a military family, and who launched his musical career in the year 2000.

His debut album, Blam, was released in 2005, and was marked by a style that incorporated country, rock and hip-hop influences. The album was produced by Chin Injeti, formerly of the R&B band Bass is Base. Described by Bent as "hick-hop," Blam was best known for the single "Suicidewinder."

His subsequent albums, 2007's Buckles and Boots and 2010's Rabbit on my Wheel, pursued a more conventional country sound, but read like a collection of short stories showcasing his keen fascination for characters whose life on the straight-and-narrow rarely lasts past the nearest exit to a short, crooked road. The tales are tall, the characters large as life, torn between self-destruction and staying out of the ditch. Rabbit on my Wheel is a 12-song set full of fast cars, fine ladies and fist fights that finds Bent burning through a landscape of big country skies, with one hand on the steering wheel and one eye on the bottle.

In early 2009, Bent's song "Nine Inch Nails" won in the eighth annual Independent Music Awards and Vox Pop vote for Best Country Song. Bent was nominated for a Canadian Country Music Award (CCMA) in 2009, and has won no less than seven British Columbia Country Music Awards (BCCMAs) to date. He has opened shows on tours with Corb Lund and Emerson Drive, among others, and has a side project, The Bottle and The Truth, with Dustin Bentall and Cameron Latimer.


Rabbit on my Wheel (2010)
Buckles and Boots (2007)
Blam (2005)

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