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Qiu Xia He

World music composer, pipa player

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Qiu Xia He (pronounced “chu sha her”) is a virtuoso pipa (traditional Chinese lute) performer, recording artist, composer and producer. Based in Vancouver, she collaborates with other musicians and works on the cutting edge of cross-cultural world-music fusion. While creating new sounds and rhythms, she consistently applies her musical talents, warmth and charming presence.

Qiu Xia He tours internationally with the groups Silk Road and Jou Tou (both of which include her husband, multi-instrumentalist André Thibault). She's toured with renowned world-music groups such as ASZA, Southern Cross with Sal Ferreras, and in a duo with Celso Machado. Qiu Xia He was classically trained in China on the pipa. She constantly pushes her skills to new vistas, shaping traditional Eastern styles with Western influences and techniques from jazz, folk and Celtic music.

“I believe strongly in this new art," says Qiu Xia He. "I want to bring the Chinese pipa into the new world where I now live, to introduce the richness of Chinese music to a new audience. I want to build a deeper understanding between East and West, and to develop a unique new language on this traditional instrument.”

In the fall of 2010, Qiu Xia He and André Thibault are going to Spain to study flamenco, which will no doubt provide another fascinating turn their ever-evolving musical development.


with Silk Road
Autumn Cloud: A Journey with her Pipa (2006)
Endless (1999)
Village Tales (1998)
with Jou Tou
Jou Tou (2002)

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