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Pierre Labbé

Composer, saxophonist, flautist

Composition – "La fille et la grenouille " - Now playing...

The saxophonist, flutist and composer Pierre Labbé is an inquisitive musician who has participated in a variety of jazz and new music experiments including Les Projectionnistes, L’Orkestre des pas perdus, Miriodor and other ensembles. More recently, the Pierre Labbé Quartet’s Manivelle was a 2009-10 Opus Awards finalist for best jazz album of the year.

Labbé has performed at many jazz and new music festivals in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Morocco, and has released close to 10 albums. Impossible to pin down, he is variously playing, improvising, blowing into an instrument, singing, composing, creating or making sounds for the theatre or the world of dance. His catalogue of stage works contains more than 20 titles.

His numerous commissioned pieces include La rumeur court, a port symphony produced in 2010 for Montreal’s Pointe-à-Callière Museum; Bocal, culasse et pavillon, a work written for the QUASAR sax quartet; and Tremblement de fer, a composition for 50-piece orchestra that was premiered in June 2009 as part of the Montreal OFF Jazz Festival’s 10th anniversary season.

A multi-talented artist in concert, on recordings and onstage, Labbé is also the artistic director and general manager of Sacré Tympan, a theatre company whose initial production, Pierre et le pou (a children's play), won the 2009 RIDEAU/ROSEQ Award.

Performances/news this month

January. 23 – Valleyfield, QC, Albert Dumouchel Hall, 2:00 p.m., Pierre et le pou
February 8 – Shawinigan, QC, Philippe Filion Hall, 9:30 a.m., Pierre et le pou



Tremblement de fer (Pierre Labbé + 12, 2010)
Manivelle (Pierre Labbé Quartet,2009)
Avanti (Miriodor, 2009)
Projet 9 (L’Orkestre des pas perdus, 2007)
Live at Sala Rosa (Rachet Orchestra, 2007)
Tout va bien... (avec Benoit Gautier, 2006)
Vue (Les Projectionnistes, 2005)
Risque et pendule (L’ensemble Pierre Labbé, 2003)
Tête à queue (Papa Boa, 1999)
Copie zéro (Les Projectionnistes, 1999)

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