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Patrice Michaud


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Patrice Michaud was born in 1980 in Cap-Chat, in Quebec’s Gaspé region. As a youngster gifted with a vivid imagination, he used to pretend he was a Ninja; fell in love with Kim Cattrall, the Avon Lady and Laura Secord; believed that shop window mannikins were secretly alive; begged in vain for a motorcycle; wished he could grow a beard and large biceps; was a write-off in all sports; kept leaving his asthma pump behind; was given his first guitar; and left his hometown in search of excitement.

When music finally entered the picture, Michaud started singing songs, telling stories and writing about everything he saw – and then some. Left with $8.75 in his bank account after a four-month European jaunt, he was invited to tell a story (the only one he had formally completed at the time) at the 2004 Gala Culturel Gaspésien, and ended up taking part in the region’s signal pop music event, the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée, in 2008. He came out of this sometimes scary, sometimes carefree experience with more than he had bargained for with no less than three prizes – the SOCAN Best Song Award for ”C’est chien pour les singes,” the Public Award and the Grand 8 Franco-Québécois prize.

Michaud then embarked on a storytelling journey that took him to Quebec’s Îles-de-la-Madeleine to take part in the Contes en Îles festival, and to France, thanks to his Grand 8 award. Performing more and more, earning less and less and not minding a bit, he decided to push his luck and go for the Granby International Song Festival in 2009 where, true to form, he managed to win top honours. He then set out to do a whole slew of things all at once – a master's degree in French Literature, an album, a collection of stories and a baby – and is managing once again to handle it all.

Now out, his first album, Le Triangle des Bermudes, deals with subjects such as humans, space, time and all the things he has collected in his creative backpack during his journey so far. This is where things stand for Patrice Michaud today.

Performances/news this month
May 20 - Coteau-du-Lac, QC, Pavillon Wilson (first part for Zachary Richard)


Le Triangle des Bermudes (2011)

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