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Orange Orange is a Montreal electro-rock group comprised of the dynamic duo of Sabrina Sabotage on drums and vintage Casios, and Dom Hamel on vocal beat box, live looping and titanic guitar.

The duo’s current concerts feature works from their second album (released in October 2011), Tropical Passion, a high-octane collection of songs with deep lyrics, set to a pop beat, mixed with romantic rock outbursts, on a funky, fruity electro groove. The perfect blending of the duo’s voices in high-flying harmonics, and their sexually charged stage performances, produce a rapid-fire kitsch atmosphere that can become addictive.

The first single from their album, “Wannabe DJ,” is currently being played on all Quebec CKOI and NRJ stations, a proud achievement for the pair, which has vowed to make “leftist” art songs popular on Quebec commercial radio. The European release of Tropical Passion is scheduled for the summer of 2012.

Orange Orange’s musical saga began in late 2008 when Dom Hamel and Sabrina Sabotage, a real-life couple, combined their talents for the first time while Hamel was still a member of the rap group Gatineau. She worked with him on the band’s self-titled album, which went on to win the 2009 ADISQ award for best hip-hop album.

However, it was under the name of Orange Orange that their love story morphed into a shared creative passion, whose inherent madness produced the 2009 album Orange Orange, a musical affair that got people talking and won the ADISQ award for best album cover and a 2010 nomination in the best alternative album category.

Since then, Orange Orange has toured Canada from coast to coast, with a 2010 European incursion for the La Rochelle (France) and Spa (Belgium) FrancoFolies festivals and a handful of Parisian dates. The duo also performed at the Montreal FrancoFolies four years in a row, and took part in the mammoth Quebec National Holiday concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City alongside such iconic homegrown artists as Plume Latraverse and Mes Aïeux.

Not to mention their song “Je suis le héros,” which can be heard daily as part of a well-known television ad and confirms the extent of the Orange Orange revolution.


Tropical Passion (2011)
Orange Orange (2009)

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Members since 2002 (Hamel), 2009 (Sabotage)