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Nichol Robertson

Songwriter, guitarist

Song – "Mobius Smurf"
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Nichol Robertson is an accomplished Toronto-based guitarist and banjoist, known for his numerous and eclectic musical endeavors. A typical day can find him teaching students in the morning, backing a singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar in the evening, playing in a classic country gig at night, and then pushing the limits of the electric guitar with an avant-garde group in the wee small hours. And the next morning, he’ll get up early to pick banjo at bluegrass brunch gig.

In his role as a sideman, Robertson shares the stage and studio with the likes of Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People, Laura Repo, Scotty Campbell, Heather Morgan, Dottie Cormier, Jadea Kelly, The Woodchoppers, Victor Bateman, Fred Spek’s Camp Combo, and Ted Hawkins, among many others. His own trio, Nichol Robertson and his Honkytonk/Boogaloo Boys, plays a unique blend of country, jazz, and boogie at venues all over Toronto.

On his debut recording, Stranger Things, Robertson has put together an album of classic and original instrumental songs that hearken back to the great country stylists of the 1960s. He is joined by a stellar band: Victor Bateman (string bass), Burke Carroll (pedal steel), Rob Fenton (dobro), Sly Juhas (drums), and The Ted Hawkins Singers (background vocals). Stranger Things takes the listener on a jaunty trip through bluegrass, jazz, country, Latin, and rock. The musicianship is top-notch and the charts are fresh and innovative.

Performances/news this month
Tuesdays in November/December - Toronto, Cameron House, playing in Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People
November 20 - Toronto, Cadillac Lounge, playing in Scotty Campbell & His Wardenaires



Stranger Things (2011)

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