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Michèle O.


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During the winter of 2007, Michèle Ouellette humbly began recording some of the melodies that had been simmering in her head for awhile. Experienced as a musician and strongly inspired by a number of collaborations over a dozen years, she was finally eady to luanch th eworld of the music in her head.

Embryonic as it was, her first release definitely created a buzz. Soon invitations began pouring in, and her fan base started growing both on the web and in the live venues where she was opening for a variety bands, with growing success.

Michèle O.’s dream of recording her songs more professionally only became possible after she'd met a group of exceptionally gifted musicians who convinced her that it was time she took the plunge. With her now constant companions Pierre-Louis Lavoie on guitar, Maxime Audet on bass and Maxime Gosselin on drums, she began polishing up the original songs that were already in great demand on campus radio.

Ranging from festive rock to country-folk in style, Michèle O.’s catchy new material has been acclaimed at the FRIMAT rock festival in Val d’Or, Quebec, and during her recent appearances at the Granby International Song Festival and Francouvertes.

Michèle O.’s first studio album, Assise dans ma tête (Sitting Up in My Head), is a self-financed, lovingly crafted and critically acclaimed opus that confirms her solid reputation on the emerging music scene. A few months since its release, several selections are nearing the top of a variety of local radio charts while being played in high rotation by Radio-Canada across the country.

Performances/news this month
Nov. 20 - Waterloo, QC, Maison de la culture de Waterloo
Dec. 9 - Montreal, Quai des Brumes
Dec. 11 - Montreal, Le Cabaret, Just for Laughs Museum


Assise dans ma tête (2010)

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