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Mathieu Thioly


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Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, Mathieu Thioly is a familiar romantic voice on both sides of the Atlantic. A smart, lyrical songwriter, a lush pianist and a warm-voiced singer, his hybrid-sounding music is replete with catchy tunes and jazz-tinted melodies.

An active player on the Swiss music scene from an early age, Thioly followed up his piano studies at the Geneva Conservatory of Music with additional courses in literature, languages and philosophy. After winning the Festival du Sappey composition contast, where he earned praise for his catchy melodies, his rich harmonics and his stylistic versatility, he toured his original repertoire from Geneva to Lausanne through jazz havens such as La Maison Rouge and Le Caveau before taking them to Canadian shores.

In 2001, Thioly fell in love with Quebec culture and society, and decided to move and work there. He registered for a B.A. in Popular Music Interpretation at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), where he studied, among others, with former Beau Dommage member Robert Léger and jazzman François Bourassa. Having surrounded himself with a group of musicians, Thioly is now an integral part of the Montreal music scene, where he pursues his art and develops new professional partnerships.

In 2005, Thioly enrolled in the Ma Première Place des Arts contest, reaching the quarter-finals in the singer-songwriter category, while his song “Tomber sur toi” was nominated for best song of the year. In 2007, he was one of six finalists in the vocal jazz category of the Propulsion Jazz competition, organized by Couleur Jazz (91.9 FM in Montreal) and Espace Dell’Arte. At that time, he recorded three of his songs under the artistic direction of Rick Allison, and two of them, “Nous sommes” and “Dix ans dans la lune,” got airplay on Couleur Jazz. In 2008, Thioly won the best male singer award of the 100% Music Songwriting Contest with “Dix ans dans la lune.”

Thioly’s first album, Au blanc des jours, addresses the universal themes of intimacy, exile, love, death and the passage of time. Co-arranged by David Lecour and produced by Louis-Philippe Amiot and Jean-François Picher, it features a harmonious blend of soft, romantic and languorous acoustic songs that are the perfect listen for the “white days” of winter menbtioned in the album title.


Au blanc des jours (2009)

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