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Louis-Philippe Robillard


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“I sing to muster, in myself and in you, the courage to act. The stage is my personal House of Commons, the place where I defend what I believe in. I sing to share my ideas, my fears, my love and my hopes. My deep hope is to eliminate the superfluous and, through music and poetry, find the words and the honesty I need to talk to people.”

So says Louis-Philippe Robillard, a young singer-songwriter to be reckoned with, who has finally released his first album, Le café des oiseaux (The Birds’ Café), named after an imaginary setting where words can heal wounds, and people can learn to fly. A promising first effort with countless influences, Le café des oiseaux is a mature collection of poetic, sometimes festive, sometimes melancholy songs telling unique stories that invite reflection on today’s society.

Originally from Ottawa, Robillard has been active on the music scene for more than five years, and has already received much industry recognition, including the 2005 Ontario Pop festival Réseau Contact Ontarois Award. After reaching the semi-finals of the Festival international de la chanson de Granby in Quebec, he undertook formal songwriting studies at the École nationale de la chanson de Granby. In 2006, he participated in the creative residency Les rencontres qui chantent, a stint that was followed by training sessions at Petite-Vallée, home of the Francophone song competition of the same name. In January 2009, he won an Ontario Council of Folk Festivals award for his Contact Ontarois showcase Festives inquiétudes. He later embarked with his band on a one-month European tour during which he gave a series of street performances in the South of France and in Istanbul, Turkey.

Performances/news this month
June 16 - Montreal, Les FrancoFolies de Montréal, Espace vert Desjardins
June 17 - Ottawa, Festival franco-ontarien, opening show
June 18 - Ottawa, Festival franco-ontarien, La suite des choses show
June 24 - Vanier, Parc Richelieu, Jean Baptiste Day
July 8 j - Gatineau, 44 Rue Laval, Terrasse des 4 jeudis show for a 5 to 7
July 15 - Lavaltrie, Café culturel, Chasse-galerie Lavaltrie


Le café des oiseaux’ (2009)

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