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K-os, born Kevin Brereton, is a genuine neo-crossover rap n' roller whose music, much like your iPod, might speak to hipster club kids, pop chart watchers, Canadian indie rockers, dirty south electronic rap renegades, or reggae rude boys simultaneously. As it should: His rhyme and crooning skills took root in arguably the most multicultural city on the planet, Toronto. And he's quite vocal about his not belonging to any one genre; he belongs to them all. Says K-os: "I'm a historical opportunist who’s grown up on everything from Dylan to Marley to KRS-One... I've never seen myself as just a hip-hop artist."

K-os' uniquely subversive hip-hoppy twist on popular music and culture is not surprising, considering that over the past decade, he's regularly synthesized a stunningly progressive musical gumbo of hits. Having to his credit two certified platinum-selling albums (Joyful Rebellion, Atlantis: Hymns For Disco) and one gold one (Exit), he's also won multiple Juno Awards (2003, 2005), Much Music Video Awards (2004), Canadian Urban Music Awards (2003, 2004), a Source Award for Best International Hip-Hop Artist (2003), and even garnered a Grammy nomination in 2005 for his collaboration with the Chemical Brothers on "Get Yourself High."

As a musician who's staked his reputation on playing the angel's advocate, and provoking reaction like most good art should do, this other part of his legend has grown with each album. He's publicly beefed with music critics, pseudo punk rockers, the genre of hip-hop itself, and rising world-music rap stars. And that's just over the last six years.

K-os has written and produced nearly every part of all four of his albums. He's equal parts fire-spitting MC, crooner and composer. K-os embraces such contradictions, which is one reason he remains a favourite of music bloggers, club DJs, pop charts and file-sharers.

Performances/news this month
February 16 - Waterloo, Ontario, Starlight Room
March 2 - New York, Le Poisson Rouge
March 4 - Los Angeles, The Roxy
March 11 - Toronto, The Opera House (part of Canadian Music Week)


The Trill: A Journey So Far (Compilation, 2009)
Yes! (2008)
Atlantis -- Hymns For Disco (2006)
Publicity Stunt? (DVD, 2005)
Joyful Rebellion (2004)
Exit (2002)

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