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Joël Côté

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist

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Originally from La Prairie, on Montreal's South Shore, Joel Côté is a self-taught singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitar, bass, saxophone and harmonica.

Around the age of 14, he practiced drums and voice with his friends Stéphane Poirier and Robert Charlebois’ ex-guitarist Martin Lapalme, who is featured as a guitarist and backup singer on his newly-released album.

Côté and his rock group Pink Cadillac took part in the show celebrating the 40th anniversary of singer Jean-Pierre Ferland’s career, and the band placed first in the 1993 St-Hyacinthe Retro Festival, as well as playing several other music festivals.

Côté also joined King du Rock ’n' Roll with Scotty Davis, Gilles Renaud, Phil Holly and Suzie Olsen, and toured throughout Quebec with the band. In 1997, he started Les À-Côtés-à-Joël, a group that performed his original songs. This band was an Empire des Futures Stars contestant in 1998 and opened shows for artists like Okoumé and Plume Latraverse in 1999.

In 2000, Côté was invited to perform some of his songs for a Bouquinistes du St-Laurent compilation CD. In 2001, Les À-Côtés-à-Joël won first prize in the Molson Ex new talent competition. From 2002 to 2008, Côté performed as a drummer and backup singer in Jet Black’s Quebec-wide tour, alongside Joey (Épopée Rock) Tardif, Ti-Guy Émond and the backup singer/guitarist Sidney Freund. He also played his own songs in a number of venues at home and in France.

Côté is a current member of the retro, rockabilly and rock band Rumble Dogs with Phil Holly and Ricardo Branchini, while continuing to perform with Pic-Bois, a group that has opened shows for Paul Piché, Beau Dommage and Les B.B.

Côté’s music is also featured on the award-winning documentary Laisser couler le Nord (2004), and his self-titled debut album was released in 2009.


Joël Côté (2009)
Laisser couler le Nord (2007)
Les Bouquinistes (2000)
Joël Côté, Opinion de clown (1998)

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