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Jimmy Rankin


Song – "Here in my Heart"
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Co-written with Patricia Conroy

One of the most celebrated artists in East Coast Music Award history – he's won 22 ECMAs, including five SOCAN-sponsored songwriter of the year awards – Jimmy Rankin is currently nominated for eight more ECMAs, not to mention a Juno Award nomination for Country Album of the Year. he's also won six SOCAN Awards over the years.

For the 2012 ECMAs, the Nova Scotia singer-songwriter and member of the Rankin Family (who themselves have won six Junos) saw his current release, Forget About the World, named in three categories, while the single "Here in My Heart" is up for song, video, and SOCAN songwriter of the year.

On Forget About the World, Rankin serves up a jubilant songwriter record that celebrates love and life with a fervour. He takes listeners on a musical journey with a dozen songs imbued with a strong sense of imagery that captures the essence of emotions, and moments where things change – for the better, for the worse, forever.

"People have a hard time categorizing my music," says Rankin. "I’ve had an eclectic upbringing – Hank Williams Sr., rock n’ roll, Celtic… And to me, country music is all those things. I’ve been making records for 20 years now – and I’m still learning about the power of what records can do. The way they bring people together, give them hope, make them sing. To me, that’s one of the greatest gifts music can give.”

One of country’s brightest stars and players, Keith Urban, is a long-time fan and vocal supporter of Rankin. Their personal connection goes back to the 2002 Canadian Country Music Awards, and a late-night hotel jam session that has since become legendary. The two toured together in 2003, and now Urban has provided the lead guitar part on "Here in my Heart."

There's an immediacy to the songs on Forget About The World. There's the pull of the world in “Walk That Way” (a duet with Serena Ryder), sweeping hope in the uncertainty of “Waiting On A Sign,” little details of how one’s supposed to live life on the intimate “Maybe Nothing,” and the raw ache of “The Hurtin’ Part,” altogether giving one a sense of the complexity of a life truly lived.

Rankin draws his audience and his peers in with his unique charm and his ability as a lyricist to capture the everyday turmoil of living and loving. While the songs on Forget About The World run the gamut from country/pop to more stripped-down singer-songwriter offerings, it wasn’t a particular style, a particular form, or a particular emotion that informed Rankin's writing. As he says, “When I sit down and write, I just want to write a good song.”

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Forget About the World (2011)
Edge of Day (2007)
Handmade (2003)
Song Dog (2001)

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