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You’ll never find Jay Aymar in a martini bar. Give him a beer and a toasted western sandwich, talk about inexpensive hotels, waitresses at truck stops, and the small towns that dot this country from St. John’s to Vancouver Island, and you’ll find a man you’ll want to be friends with.

There's a bit of Jay Aymar in all of us. He's an ordinary sort of guy, on one level; generous, warm-hearted, funny and kind. On another, he's an extraordinary songwriter who can tell his story and tell yours at the same time. He writes songs almost every day, and three or four days every week, he’s standing in front of people playing those songs and telling those stories. It could be in a bar on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, a hotel in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, or someone’s living room in Morden, Manitoba. Could be at a festival in British Columbia, a coffee house in New Brunswick, or a tavern in Tobermory.

Not that it seems like "work" for this man from Sault St. Marie, just songs about the good times and the bad that he’s lived through, which are pretty well like the good and bad times we've all been through. Aymar's had crumby jobs, disappointments, and relationships which didn’t work out (sometimes badly). He’s also had close friends, a support network, and relationships that did work. Most of all he has a sense of humour about it all, and he's had his music all these years as his daily companion.

He's the real deal. No pretension, no airs, no showbiz nonsense. Plain as a Tim Horton's double-double and as straight as the highway between Regina and Calgary. Legendary songwriter Ian Tyson recognized as much when he recorded Aymar's "My Cherry Coloured Rose," a song that deftly humanizes tough-guy hockey commentator Don Cherry by portraying him in the afermath of the death of his wife Rose. "Jay has written a true Canadian folk song," said Tyson. "It's a classic."

Passing Through is the fourth album of what Aymar cheerfully calls "home-made songs," and it’s his best work yet.

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February 16-19 - Memphis, Folk Alliance Conference



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