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Grainne (pronounced GRAWN-yuh) has worn out the soles of several pairs of shoes walking the roads of the stories in her songs. She’s leapt headfirst into heartache, heard the sound of the earth weeping, and has still managed to put a positive spin on it all. Grainne's big voice, powerful lyrics and gutsy, earthy sound will have you singing along to her infectious melodies.

Eight of the10 tracks on Grainne's new album, Looking for Sunshine, were produced by Canadian rock veteran Moe Berg (Pursuit of Happiness). The resulting sound applies rootsy pop, solid rock and alternative country to her captivating, melodic songs. As with her 2007 debut release, All the Money, the quality of her music reflects that of her influence, from Neil Young to AC/DC. Still, her music is as unique – and haunting, and strong – as the voice that sings it.

Looking for Sunshine was recorded with a gang of accomplished, highly-regarded musicians: "Texas Stew" Crookes on pedal steel guitar, Ali Stead and Moe Berg on guitars, and power hitter Neil Sanderson on drums. Together, they create a palette of sounds so rich you can almost taste them.

Grainne's lyrics span the breadth of her life for the past 20 years; she’s got something to say, and she wants the world to hear it. Looking for Sunshine collects a handful of those lingering moments of enlightenment that have accumulated over the years.

Since the album release, Grainne has showcased at a number of legendary venues, including Hugh's Room in Toronto and the Distillery in Calgary. Her music is already garnering fans as far away as England, Ireland and other parts of Europe, and plans are now afoot for a Western Canadian tour.

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May 14 - Peterborough, The Spill w. Andrew MacLean


Looking for Sunshine (2010)
All the Money (EP, 2007)

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