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Éric Speed

Composer, violinist

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In the 1980s, Éric Speed received a violin from his parents for his third birthday. His fascination with the instrument led to private lessons and, at the age of eight, to an audition for the Montreal Conservatory of Music.

In 2003, the young musician discovered the electric violin, and formed E.V.O (Electric Violin Operation) as an initial experiment, and a test, to see whether there was a future for electric violin concerts. The group performed on Musique Plus and went on to unprecedented success.
In 2004, Speed was featured in the film Head in the Clouds, where he portrayed the famous French jazz violinist Stéphane Grappelli. In September 2007, he decided to write his first original electric violin work, a unique piece that created a whole new music genre – the Electro-Speed violin style. Playing the violin at supersonic speeds, Éric signed up for a contest as part of On n’a pas toute la soirée, a TVA network program in Quebec whose audience voted him top artist on account of his musical style and stage presence.

Speed returned to television to compete on another program, Sucré-Salé (2008), where he played a new composition for thousands of enthusiastic viewers who voted for him in droves and propelled him to the top position once again, making him a household name overnight, in front of a mainstream audience.

Two weeks later, his first album hit the shelves and iTunes. The 1,000 copies of this self-produced, self-titled album sold in less than four months, making it the best-selling consignment album of the year. It's a collection of breathtaking pieces variously recorded live in clubs, for corporations or in the studio for a range of Canadian and American personalities and productions.

Speed has been associated with artists and agencies including Marie-Mai, John Nathaniel, Patrick Groulx, Anodajay, Sir Pathetik, Bad News Brown, Dubmatique, Annie Villeneuve, DJ Arabika, DJ Horg, Sean Murphy, MC Mario, La Patère Rose, Productions Equinoxe, Agence le Coordonateur, Agence Lion, and many more.


Starland (2010)
Éric Speed (2008)

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