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╔milie Proulx


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Over the past quarter century, ╔milie Proulx has been a bassist and a horticulturist, moving from the city to the countryside and back something like 14 times. What she also did during those 25 years was listen to huge quantities of music ľ enough songs by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Cat Power, Joseph Arthur, Pink Floyd and Radiohead to develop a need to create some of her own.

In 2004, Proulx began stockpiling her bunker studio with guitar and voice tracks, in a slow and thoughtful creative process that produced songs reflecting post-rock and folk styles. In 2006, she gathered up a collection of musician friends and came out as a singer-songwriter in her first series of Montreal appearances.

While pursuing her musical explorations, in 2007, she produced her first recording, Dans une ville, endormie (Sleepy in a Town), a five-song autobiographical EP released on the La Confiserie label.

The EP release was followed by a series of concerts which led to a second prize for Proulx in the Les Francouvertes competition. In March 2009, she released her frist full-length album, La lenteur alentour (The Slowness Around), to unanimous rave reviews and strong year-end charting.


La lenteur alentour (2009)
Dans une ville, endormie (EP, 2007)

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