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David Celia

Singer-songwriter, guitarist

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Young veteran musician David Celia is one of Toronto’s most experienced independent artists and busiest working musicians, who’s consistently built an audience across Canada and is even more successful in Europe, where he's regularly toured for the past five years. Celia is a triple threat: He’s an enchanting singer-songwriter; an in-demand guitar virtuoso (who’s played behind such high-profile acts as Ian & Sylvia, Andy Kim and Quartette); and a brilliant arranger of songs.

Nowhere are these multiple talents more evident than on his new, third album, I Tried, which builds on the successes of his two previous releases. I Tried is a thoughtful, funny, sensitive collection of bright, sharp original songs that owes as much to Beatlesque pop as it does to contemporary singer-songwriter traditions. I Tried is also an eclectic and wide-ranging set of songs, encompassing (and mastering) all manner of sound, from sunny-day pop to straight-ahead rock 'n' roll to a ukelele ditty; from Eastern-mystic sitars to acoustic balladry to a country & western novelty.

Celia simply does whatever works best for each song.Celia released I Tried with a concert at Toronto’s Hugh’s Room on June 10. He's touring the U.K. for a 12th time in June – including an appearance at the prestigious Glastonbury Festival and a Canada Day celebratory concert in London’s Trafalgar Square (alongside Sarah Harmer, Hawksley Workman and more) – and tours Germany in August. A cross-Canada tour is set for October 2010, and the release of a new music video will be timed to coincide with it.

Performances/news this month
U.K. Tour

June 17 - Oswestry, The Ironworks
June 18 - Norwich, The Cider Shed
June 19 - Charlbury, Oxfordshire, London, Riverside Festival (4 p.m.)
June 19 - Cropredy, London, Brasenose Arms (8 p.m.)
June 20 - Stourbridge, Katie Fitzgerald's
June 21 - Bath, The Bell
June 22 - London, Bar Club
June 23 - Swindon, The Beehive
June 24 - Southampton, Town Quay, The Platform Tavern
June 27 - Glastonbury, Glastonbury Festival
June 28 - Bristol, The Prom
June 30 - Ratlinghope, Shrewsbury, The Horseshoe Inn
July 1 - London, Trafalgar Square, Canada Day Free Concert (12:30 p.m.)
July 1 - Sussex, The Snowdrop (9 p.m.)


I Tried (2010)
This Isn't Here (2006)
Organica (2003)

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